Water Rates

Water service is available to any resident or business that is located within North Branch Water & Light's water service territory. There are three components associated with the water portion of your bill; the water basic service charge, water charge and the water testing fee. If we receive a check back for non-sufficient funds you will be charged $30.00.

Water Basic Service Charge
The water basic service charge is a base charge for water service. Every water account will be assessed a water basic service charge regardless of water usage. The water basic service charge is needed to cover the costs associated with supplying safe and reliable water to our customers. 

                                           2021 Rates
                   Residential                          Commercial
                     $20.00                        3/4"                $  20.00
                                                           1"                $  26.00
                                                     1 1/2"                $  32.00
                                                           2"                $  35.00
                                                           3"                $127.00
                                                           4"                $157.00
                                                           6"                $233.00

Water Charge
The water charge is determined by the amount of water usage (per thousand gallons) per billing period. There is nothing else associated with this charge.

                                          2021 Water Rate

                                     $7.70 per 1,000 gallons

Water Testing Fee
According to the Minnesota Statutes, section 144.3831, we are required to collect $9.72 annually from every water service connection location. Each month there is a $0.81 charge on your bill that is collected and sent to the Minnesota Department of Health on a quarterly basis.